Shipping & Returns

General Returns Policy

All sales are final with the exception of non-working gas stoves and dryers. See Appliances section below.


APPLIANCES: GJHFH ReStore does not represent or guarantee that appliances are in good working condition. We test electrical appliances; however, we are unable to test gas appliances. Because of this, we offer a limited warranty on gas appliances. GJHFH ReStore recommends that customers have a professional hook up their gas or electrical appliance to prevent injury or damage. Only non-working gas stoves and dryers may be returned for a full refund under the following conditions:


  • Returned within 7 days of purchase (no exceptions) with a valid receipt.
  • Cash purchases will be refunded by check only, within 14 days of the return
  • Credit card purchases will be refunded to the original card only.


Returns Policy for Online Purchases

Returns/refunds are only available at the time the merchandise is picked up at the store. Because of the nature of selling used products, we realize you may notice a deficiency or defect when you see the product in person that you didn't notice in the pictures on the website. Please be sure to inspect your item before you leave the store with it. Once it leaves the store, our General Refunds Policy (above) is in effect. 


At this time we do not offer shipping. When you check out, you will be asked to provide your shipping address, but the only option you'll see afterward is "pick up in store".